About Me


My name is Patrick. I have been running since my high school days. Not always for the sake of the commitment to running, but more as a way to stay in shape between soccer and baseball. It did not dawn on me until college the mental and physical benefits running had afforded me. I noticed how much better I was able to sort things out, any issues that were pressing me at that time.  Running really helps the mind focus.  I find that when I'm alone with my thoughts I can really sort things out and the physical capabilities are always a bonus too.  

I have run many races in my day ranging from 5Ks to marathons.  The racing aspect is fine, but I believe that it's the training that makes you.  Accomplishing running distances that you thought you never could achieve before is amazing to the mind and body.  You just have to learn to do it with the proper balance.  I hope that with the comments offered on this site we can all figure out what suits us to become not only the best we can be, but to continue running as long as we feel we can. 


Thank you for your everyday running time.